April 24, 2016

Creative Process

What Accessories Make Up YOUR Creative Armor?

I have been thinking a lot lately about “creative suits of armor,” and what accessories, emblems or rituals people wear/use when you have to put everything on the line.  Perhaps, the occasion is a pitch meeting, interview, panel discussion, keynote or first date!

Please take a picture of an element of your “creative suit of armor,” and email it to me at Jlara@artfullnessproject.org Include a brief description of what the item means to you.

Below, are the first series of #creativearmor submissions:

headphones creative armor

Music is my first resort when I’m preparing for a big meeting, presentation, or shoot. If I’m traveling to where my creative armor is needed, I tend to have on headphones to get me in the zone. Music has the power to calm nerves, instill confidence, or put me in an introspective mood. Without having the ability to listen to music in a public space privately, my creative juices would flow much less. ~Lawrence Green, Time Traveling Media


journal creative armor

When I take on a new project, have a big decision to make, or just need to brainstorm, I turn to my journal pages. I write thoughts, prayers, ideas, and inspirational quotes to motivate and bring me clarity. ~Samantha McCoy


bracelet creative armor

My creative armor is this versatile, power bracelet I received from a good friend in 1997. ~Jonah Batambuze


DJ scarf                        DJ summer soul patch









In Chicago, the cold lasts a lot longer than it should. So, when I tackle the elements outdoors, on paper, canvas or the boardroom, my creative armor is a scarf. Multiple scarves are key. And, when summer rolls around, I simply cling to my “soul patch.”~DJ Webb 


Lego Watch _Eunice Corbin

 A LEGO watch! It reminds me not to take non-life threatening things too seriously or to simply relax and enjoy the time I have. There’s no need to sweat deadlines… Projects will get done because there’s enough time. It also reinforces my belief in the importance of play. ~ Eunice Corbin of Eunice Corbin Design

Show me YOUR creative armor!

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