December 6, 2015

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KampInd Bandana Bibs at Lifestyle Boutique, Akae

Early November, lifestyle and home goods boutique, Akae, became KampInd’s first stockist. Yay!  Akae exists as a space to relate to and inspire fellow women and mothers, and couldn’t be a better match.  And, there is a story behind every product in their boutique, which is central to KampInd’s mission and brand.

KampInd Bibs at Akae

 Akae is currently a vendor participating in the 3rd annual Parcel Market in Washington, D.C. from December 5-December 6, 2015.  We stopped by the market on Saturday to partake in the festivities, and it was cool to see folks interacting with and buying KampInd’ bandana bibs. (see photo below)

Akae booth and Parcel Market

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