January 10, 2014

Culture, Inspiration

Music Moves Me: “The most touching Mandela tribute came from the least expected place”

The world has been celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela since his passing on December 5, 2013. Nelson Mandela was and always will be universally loved and recognized for ending apartheid in South Africa, and advocating for peace around the world. Yesterday, my friend, who works in international development, shared this video tribute to Nelson Mandela on Facebook, and I found myself mesmerized and doing the ‘ugly’ cry in my home office (thankfully). I’ve been known to shed a tear while watching touching videos on youtube, but I’ve never cried to the extent that I did while watching this. I shared my response to the video with my friend via text, and she replied that many of her colleagues broke down in a similar manner, too. (Phew).

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