September 1, 2015

Culture, Kids' Corner

New Bibs on the Block Inspired by Culture x Travel x Fashion

Niko and Iyla have been real troopers during the brand development process of KampInd’s Double Dribble bandana bibs and blankets.  At first, they were wondering what on earth my brother, sister-in-law, and I were so excited about!  (See below)

Bandana bibs

But, now, they have settled into their roles as KampInd brand ambassadors, and as you can see, take it very seriously!


Niko posing in WavyIyla hand on wall













Think about how GOOD you feel in your favorite jeans–KampInd seeks to provide little ones with that same feeling via their bandana bibs.  Additionally, there is a story behind every bib, so while fashionable, they provide educational moments for both parent/caregiver and child to explore the world’s cultures.


Art expands your mind to new possibilities, new people, cultures and concepts.

If you’d like to check out KampInd’s etsy store, visit:  

Watch the first in their video series, “Behind the Bibs.”

The ArtFullness Project is KampInd’s U.S. Distributor, so you can find and order their products here:  

And, for a closer look at KampInd, connect with them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

In the comments, please share why multicultural baby products are important to you!

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