June 30, 2015

Culture, Inspiration, Photography

What’s Your Signature Mark?

This past weekend, Lawrence Green and I were in Dupont Circle shooting Day 2 of our documentary exploring happiness, and we had the pleasure of meeting Skip Moskey (pictured above). His hat caught my attention, and he told me it’s his signature mark. “If friends see me without it, they ask if I’m feeling all right,” adds Moskey.

Like Moskey, we all have our special accessory, emblem, or signature gait that we cling to, which helps define and cement our personal brand to outsiders.  Perhaps it’s your red-rimmed glasses, blue suede shoes, or curly coiffed hair.

This reminded me of the dancers from Jinja who performed at my sister’s summer wedding in Uganda in 2012. From the pre-wedding introduction (kwanjula) to the ceremony, dancing and movement were a consistent theme throughout the festivities. In the clip below, you can clearly identify key aspects of the dancers’ attire and movements, which provide a great reminder that whatever we do, big or small, we should always leave our signature mark, and give everything we touch our all.

Inquiring minds want to know—what is your signature mark?

Jacqueline Lara is president of Mpact PR, LLC, which specializes in developing messaging and raising brand awareness for entrepreneurs and artists positively impacting communities. As creative architect of The ArtFullness Project, Lara explores creative processes, blogs about the intersection of art and business, and documents the process producing doc series, “My Happy Is.”