February 7, 2016

My Happy Is Documentary

Is Happiness a Choice?

(c) Jacqueline Lara

“Happiness is a decision–it starts inside, and what and who you surround yourself with impacts this.” Lashawnda Becoats #MyHappyIs

Is the inner dialogue cycling through your mind negative or positive?

“My Happy Is” explores how various people define their own happiness–capturing their inner and outermost beauty through words, memories, and portraits. Every participant was asked the same three questions, and their responses reveal we’re more alike than different. Questions? Contact Jacqueline Lara at jlara@artfullnessproject.org. #MyHappyIs

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Jacqueline Lara is president of Mpact PR, LLC. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and artists share their stories and art with the media and new audiences. She is also creative architect of The ArtFullness Project, which explores the intersection of art and business through creative projects and visual content.  Subscribe for curated arts news!