September 17, 2014

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Fenton Street Market Turned 5! Vendor Stories

On Saturday, September 13, Fenton Street Market in downtown Silver Spring, MD celebrated their 5th birthday, and we had to be there! I was accompanied by my sidekick Lennox, and we snagged some goodies and chatted with local artists about the inspiration behind their products, and what the market means to them.

Adrian Black of Sotare

Adrian Black of Sotare

Lennox really connected with Adrian’s story about Sotare’s mascot, Joey, and has been re-telling it to anyone who will listen!  Listen to why Adrian enjoys vending at Fenton Street Market.


Jameel Francis, co-founder of Transelated

Jameel Francis, co-founder of TransElated

Listen to what Jameel loves most about vending at Fenton Street Market. Additionally, 0n September 13, Wheaton Westfield Mall welcomed Transelated as their first pop-up store, and they’re located on Level 2 next to Bath and Body Works. You can shop all month long, and support their kickstarter campaign.

It’s a family affair for Paulette Mpouma when she’s at Fenton Street Market!  She created The Africa Memory Game as a way to teach her children about Africa, and imports goods created by women from Madagascar and Ivory Coast to boost economic stability and build community.

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