Artfullness Project

January 9, 2014

Who We Are

Welcome to The Artfullness Project

The Artfullness Project
 brings uncommon, undiscovered, and under-appreciated arts programming to the DC-region and beyond that educates, inspires and promotes cross-cultural understanding. We specialize in providing unique dance and movement workshops and improv/storytelling workshops for arts enthusiasts, busy professionals, creative workplaces, children and youth.

At Artfullness Project, we believe:
  • Art produces a euphoric feeling of fullness, freeness and gratitude
  • The storyteller matters and it’s important to tell unheard stories
  • Art empowers, teaches, improves self-esteem and builds community
  • Art is inclusive, not exclusive
  • Art expands your mind to new possibilities, new people, cultures and concepts

Why Art Matters

For Business.
Numerous business insiders have touted creativity as the new currency. The dizzying pace of change requires new ways to seek inspiration and innovate for long-term success; and globalization has made it necessary to make cultural understanding and sensitivity a pillar of doing business.

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For Youth.
A recent study conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts confirmed what art advocates already knew: Youth who are engaged in the arts have better academic outcomes, higher career goals, and are more civically engaged.

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For Health and Overall Well-Being.
Personal expression through creativity and the arts have been proven to access the body, mind, spirit and heart continuum in the process of healing and recovery. Art is both a preventative measure and a healing property for good health.

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